Super Ace Slot Game Tips & Tricks To Play & Win 10x!

Jili’s Super Ace Slot Game - The Most Popular Slot Games in the Philippines

Original illustrations of cards serve as icons in Super Ace Slot Game, and there are short but fun animations and abstract background. Super Ace is a card-themed slot developed and published by JILI Slots. You only have to collect three scatters to reach the free spins bonus and double your chances of winning. There is also a low volatility slot demo and a bonus multiplier of 1500X.


Getting Started with Super Ace Slot Game

Symbols in Super Ace include the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, which have 1024 Ways to Win. Each of these cards also has a golden version, which becomes wild when eliminated. They are visible only on the middle three reels. A wild card can replace any missing basic symbol. 

In this game, a progressive win multiplier applies to consecutive wins and a small or big wild card replicates itself in several other positions. Finally, three Scatter symbols will trigger ten Free Spins, increasing the progressive win multiplier.

Super Ace Golden Card

  • “Golden Card” appears only on reels 2, 3, and 4.
  • “Golden Symbol” will transform into “Joker Symbol” after elimination.
  • “Golden Symbol” replaces “Normal Symbol” pay and eliminates.

Super Ace Joker Card

  • “Joker Symbol” only transforms from “Golden Symbol”.
  • Two kinds of “Joker Cards” are available: a “Big Joker Card” and a “Little Joker Card”.
  • When the “Big Joker Symbol” appears, it will replace 1 to 4 symbols (except the Scatter and Joker Symbols) and randomly select reels 2 to 5 by the “Big Joker Symbol”.
  • The “Golden Symbol” only transforms into the “Joker Symbol” when it lands on the “Little Joker Symbol”.
  • “The Joker Symbol” substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter.
  • Super Ace Combo Multiplier

    • ” In a normal game, there are 4 levels of “Combo Multiplier”: 1, 2, 3, and 5.
    • Every win and pay are multiplied by the “Combo Multiplier.”
    • “Combo Multiplier” begins at x1 for the first elimination of wins and pays
    • The “Combo Multiplier” will be raised to x2 after eliminating any wins and pays from the multiplier level as x1.
    • The “Combo Multiplier” will be raised to x3 after eliminating any wins and pays from the multiplier level as x2.
    • The “Combo Multiplier” will be raised to x5 after eliminating any wins and pays from the multiplier level as x3.

Super Ace Slot Game: How Does It Work?

Super Ace from JILI Games offers a five-fold bonus and a chance to generate infinity combos as long as the “golden poker” is eliminated.

Free spins begin with at least ten rounds if the gold poker match is made correctly. However, players must strive for a combo multiplier that works twice. Ace Spades offers the highest odds, followed by King, Queen, Soldier, Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club.

Play and Win Super Ace Slot Game on your Mobile Device

Super Ace’s straight design allows you to play a game anywhere and anytime without downloading anything.


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super ace

In the Super Ace slot, players can hit the paylines non-stop, making that dream a reality. Symbols will be replaced and repaired right away, and as soon as the “golden poker” wins, it becomes wild at the same location, resulting in higher multipliers for more combos.


As Super Ace is one of JILI’s most popular online slots, collecting three scatter symbols unlocks a free game with doubled combo chances. The relaxing music makes the game even more enjoyable.


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