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GALAXY88 Entertainment City is a licensed Philippine incorporation, subject to stringent review and monitoring by the Philippine Gaming Council, Macau, and The GLI laboratory. Our top-notch gaming devices offer high-quality online entertainment right from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy a variety of professional online slot games with VIP data security ensured by top-level encryption technology. We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing extensive training to our employees for delivering quality service. Experience VIP-level customer support with our dedicated team available 24/7, year-round, delivering the finest assistance.


Trust Score 100/100 100%

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Welcome to Galaxy88 Casino, where the stars align to bring you an extraordinary gaming experience like no other. As a valued member of our celestial casino, you’ll discover a galaxy of benefits that will take your gaming adventures to new heights and beyond!

  1. Vast Array of Stellar Games: Embark on a cosmic journey through our extensive selection of games sourced from the most esteemed game developers. From thrilling video slots to classic table games and live dealer extravaganzas, you’ll find a universe of entertainment at your fingertips.

  2. Cosmic Welcome Package: Begin your voyage with a dazzling welcome package that’s fit for the stars. Our generous bonuses and free spins will give you a head start on your intergalactic quest for winnings.

  3. Galactic Loyalty Rewards: As you journey through the vastness of Galaxy88 Casino, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty. Our stellar loyalty program showers you with celestial rewards, exclusive bonuses, and personalized perks as you ascend through the ranks.

  4. Astronomical Jackpots: Brace yourself for astronomical wins as you take a shot at our progressive jackpot games. Reach for the stars and stand a chance to win life-changing sums that could catapult you into a new realm of wealth.

  5. Light-Speed Transactions: Enjoy swift and secure payment methods that make deposits and withdrawals a breeze. We understand that time is precious, so we’ve streamlined our processes to ensure you spend more time playing and less time waiting.

  6. Galaxy-class Customer Support: Our team of dedicated support agents is at your service 24/7, ready to assist you with any queries or concerns. Count on us to provide stellar customer support, ensuring your gaming journey is smooth and hassle-free.

  7. Mobile Gaming Supremacy: Explore the cosmic wonders of Galaxy88 Casino on the go! Our mobile-optimized platform ensures that you can access your favorite games anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet.

  8. Celestial Security Measures: Your safety is paramount to us. We employ state-of-the-art security protocols to safeguard your personal and financial information, providing you with a worry-free gaming environment.

  9. Astro-themed Tournaments: Challenge other cosmic explorers in our thrilling tournaments and climb the leaderboard for astronomical rewards. Compete against players from across the galaxy and prove yourself as the ultimate gaming champion.

  10. Responsible Gaming: Galaxy88 Casino is committed to promoting responsible gaming. We provide tools and resources to help you maintain control over your gaming habits, ensuring your journey with us remains enjoyable and balanced.

Prepare for an otherworldly adventure filled with breathtaking games, astronomical rewards, and an unparalleled gaming experience. Join Galaxy88 Casino today, and let the cosmos unveil a universe of possibilities just for you!

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  • To start your registration, click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details to create your account.
  • Ensure your Player Name is unique and at least 5 characters long, starting with a letter, number, or underscore, and the password should be at least 6 characters.
  • Keep your password confidential.
  • Provide a valid email address for important updates.
  • During registration, you must agree to GALAXY88’s Terms and Conditions and confirm that you are 18 years old or above.

To join GALAXY88, you need to be a minimum of 18 years old and become a member.

To access your Online Casino account, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to the Galaxy88 Online Casino website.
  2. Look for the “Log In” button at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Click on the “Log In” button to reach the login page.
  4. Enter your username, email address, and password on the login page.
  5. Click “Log In” or press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  6. you’ll be logged into your Galaxy88 Online Casino account if the login information is correct.
  7. Now you can enjoy the games and features offered on your account dashboard.

By following these simple steps, you can quickly log in to your Galaxy88 Online Casino account and continue playing.

At Galaxy88 Online Casino, safeguarding security is our top priority.

To ensure the protection of your personal and financial details, we implement several measures:

  1. SSL encryption: Your data is secured through SSL encryption, ensuring that all information transmitted between your device and our servers remains private and safeguarding your personal and financial data.

  2. Firewalls: Our robust firewalls act as a barrier, preventing unauthorized access to our servers and shielding your sensitive information from potential hackers.

  3. Regular security assessments: We conduct periodic security audits to assess and enhance our security controls, ensuring the continuous safety of your data and financial information.

For a secure online gambling experience, remember to choose reputable online casinos, create strong passwords, safeguard your privacy, and practice responsible gambling.

This error is often due to unnecessary spaces, Caps Lock being active, or incorrect input methods in the username or password fields. Please check Caps Lock and your input carefully. The system allows three login attempts; if unsuccessful on the third try, the account will be automatically locked. To unlock it, click “Forgot Password,” answer the security question, and a new password will be sent to your registered number. If you forgot the security question or can’t answer it, contact our 24/7 online customer service.

Internet disruptions can occur for various reasons. We’ve developed a sophisticated mechanism to protect players from unusual situations. If the game disconnects, you can log in again or wait to reconnect. By logging in before timing out, you can resume the game and view the results or “game history.” For any assistance, please contact our 24/7 online customer service.

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